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Arabian Horses

Product details:
Author: Judith E. Forbis
ISBN: 9781614280767
14 x 17 in – 35.5 X 42.0 cm
144 Pages | 100 Images
Hand-bound limited edition in a linen clamshell case box

A cultural treasure of the Arab people, a creature of poetry and romance, passion and envy, mystery and majesty, the Arabian horse has inspired countless writers, poets, and artists for millennia. Ancient drawings in Arabia record its timeless form. Victorious steeds stand firm on Karnak’s venerated walls, while tales of King Solomon’s horses still enthrall. These noble creatures were not merely revered as the honor of tribes and the precious resource of caravans, but were also regarded as vital instruments of war and a means of hunting.

This oversize luxury edition explores the fascinating heritage of this dignified beast and celebrates a distinguished collections of twenty horses at the renowned Ajmal Arabian Stud farm in Kuwait. Owned by breeder Mohammed Al-Marzouq, it is considered a symbol of excellence in the breeding of Arabian horses worldwide.

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