At a time when few photographers understood or appreciated the value of recording the changes occurring in UAE society, Ramesh Shukla was amassing a huge number of images showing every aspect of life in the emirates -from the development of a modern infrastructure in the fast-expanding cities to the unchanged traditional life of the smaller emirates.
The UAE- Formative Year, 1965-76 is a selection of 130 black and white photographs spanning what are arguably the most important years in the history of the UAE -those immediately preceding and following nationhood. They present a truly unique visual record of a country and a way of life in the throes of dramatic and far-reaching change.
Residents of the UAE have experienced more change in the past 30 years than those perhaps any other country. While it is right that both nation and individuals should look to the future , it also important particularly for the younger generations, to retain a sense of heritage -for we are all shaped by our past. Quiet pride should be taken in the enormous progress that has been achieved, the benefits this has brought and the sure foundations that have been laid for future prosperity.
Ramesh Shukla is well-respected artist, versatile in many media, and his paintings and photographs stand alongside each other at his gallery in Bastakia, Bur Dubai. His photograph of the Rulers of the UAE adorn palaces and private collections, and his work appears on UAE postage stamps and currency notes. He’s respected artist, versatile in many media, and his photographs and paintings stand alongside each other in his galleries. The images represent one of the country’s foundation and progress.
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