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 » In the Spirit of St. Tropez

In the Spirit of St. Tropez

Product details:
Author: Henry-Jean Servat and Brigitte Bardot (Foreword)
ISBN: 9782843235061
10.8″ x 7.7″
168 pages
Hardcover with jacket

The best stories. A village that caresses the eye and attracted a host of artists at he turn of the twentieth century. A village whose heyday came in the middle of the 1950s, when a young Franco-Russian filmmaker brought cameras and crew to its sun dazzled beaches to make his first feature film: And God Created Woman. The shock wave created by Roger Vadim revealed a resplendent creature, a leg-end: Brigitte Bardot, rocketing to fame in the village she chose as her home, which would bask in the glory of those years forever. In its pearly haven, artists, film stars, playboys and top models would spend sun-soaked days and starry nights in affairs and adventures that have since entered the pages of history. In the Spirit of Saint-Tropez is illustrated with numerous previously unpublished photographs.

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