» Set of Brass Candlesticks

Set of Brass Candlesticks

Product Details:
Code: 1654-718
Size: 20W x 20D x 20H cm

The collection is a Set of Brass Candlesticks with White Oyster Shell Accents. In one set has a three items of the candle holder that bends each candlesticks. This golden brass candle holder has a unique form of the body, it has a height of 8″ inch and a width of 8″ inch and with a diameter of 8″ which gives the shape of the candlesticks. This one set holds a total of six candles, it is perfect for your table decor accessories that gives a bright light in the surface. The body has a white Oyster Shell Accents that surrounds the holder cup of the candle, it adds a stylish design in each candlesticks which brings the unique design of the whole body.

We introduce a different unique variety of a candle holder concepts, which that gives a beauty to your home living with such artistic concepts. Our collection is designed and manufactured each piece is precisely of handicraft using the finest materials, and as well as each collection is designed for a good quality that shows a unique concept for table decors accessories.

Our inspired designers brings their best designs in the market through their inspiration by a different traditional concept which leads them into artistic. And our company is giving the best to provide you the unique stylish table decor accessories. This collection is currently available and for inquiries, please visit our contact page and email us together with your contact details, or you may call our contact phone numbers.

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